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The Divorce Mediation Answer Book

co-authored with Dolores D. Walker

This book answers most of the questions people have when considering separation or divorce, from finding a mediator to how to deal with emotional issues, the distribution of property, parenting plans and child support, maintenance (alimony) and other financial matters. There is a chapter on negotiating legally binding settlements for unmarried and gay/lesbian couples.

Mediation enables couples to make a legal settlement in a confidential, empathic, and supportive atmosphere. Especially if they have children and thus will have regular contact for years to come, mediation helps a couple establish a basis for constructive, amicable future contact which minimizes the trauma of divorce for all involved.

Excerpts from reviews

"...The essential mediation guide... readers considering the mediation process come away with special words ringing in their ears--amicable, understanding, support, guidance, cooperation, focusing, resource, clear, sensible. This is a one of a kind repository source on the subject."

--Henry Kellerman, Postgraduate Center
for Mental Health

"...Will save you time, money, and emotional energy as you create a win-win agreement. I highly recommend this helpful and informative guide."
--Dan Couvrette, publisher, Divorce magazine