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Do Butterflies Bite?

co-authored with Hazel Davies

Do butterflies bite? Do they sleep? Does a caterpillar have a skeleton? How does a moth get out of its cocoon? What is the difference between a butterfly and a moth? And just what is a skipper? These are a few of the many provocative questions posed for readers. Following each question, the authors provide detailed answers written in an accessible style that brings to life the science and natural history of these insects. Organized in chapters that cover everything from the basic biology of Lepidoptera to their complex behaviors at every stage of life to issues in butterfly conservation, Davies and Butler explore wide-ranging topics and supply a trove of fascinating facts. Concepts about speciation and evolutionary adaptation, as well as butterfly trivia, such as the word for butterfly in dozens of languages, are arranged in sidebars. The volume also features color and black and white photographs, and drawings by renowned artist, William Howe.