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Why Do Bees Buzz?

co-authored with Elizabeth Capaldi Evans

Organized in chapters that cover everything from these provocative pollinators’ basic biology to the aggressive nature of killer bees, this insightful question and answer guide provides a honeycomb of compelling facts. With clarity and depth, the authors examine the lives of honey bees, as well as other species such as orchid bees, bumblebees, and stingless bees. Accessible to readers on every level, and including the latest research and theory for the more sophisticated reader, the authors reveal more than one hundred critical answers to questions about the lives of bees. Concepts such as speciation, evolutionary adaptation, pollination, and historical details about topics such as Mayan beekeeping and the appearance of bees in rock art are arranged in easy-to-follow sidebars that highlight the text. Color and black and white photographs and drawings enhance its beauty and usefulness.